What is Monkey Toast?

Monkey Toast is a celebrity talk show with a twist – the contents of the interviews is turned into hilarious sketches on the fly by a collection of the UK’s finest comic improvisers.

Canadian Comedy Award winner, Monkey Toast: The Improvised Talk Show has found a UK home!

It’s a one-of-a-kind talk show in which we invite a selection of celebrities to participate in the show. We talk to each one about their lives, their interests, their scandals, their loves. So far, it’s just a great interview show.

But wait! Who are these people waiting in the wings? They are the Monkey Toast Players, a selection of the finest comedy brains in the country. At any point the interviewer can throw the floor open to the Players, who will then spontaneously make up hilarious sketches based on what they have just heard.

Real Stars. Real Interviews. Unreal Improv.

History of the Show

After leaving the Second City Mainstage in Toronto, David Shore wanted to create a show where the best improvisers in the city could come together and play.  And thus, in 2003, Monkey Toast was born.  Initially the show had a guest monologist telling true stories from their lives, but once CBC Radio got involved, the show changed into a chat show, with Shore as its host.

Over the next seven years the show changed organically to the version that we have here in the UK today.  When David moved to London, the show in Toronto ended it’s seven year run.  Then after an 18-month hiatus, the show restarted in Toronto, with a new host. Now both UK and Canadian shows are going strong.