We offer an in-depth programme of improvisation classes; each class, unless otherwise stated, is a total of 24 hours of tuition over eight weeks.

If you've any questions please check out our FAQ page, email or read this page a billion times.

Our 2019 Spring Term is now ON SALE!

With classes starting from the 16th of March - there's no better time than the onset of Brexit to learn how to think on your feet and improvise!

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We have a FREE taster class coming up on February 27th!

If you're on the fence about improv or want to see how we work, this is for you and your friends!

Join us for a great two hours of improvisation and fun!

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Level One - Scenework

Our introductory class gives you a hugely enjoyable and strong foundation in the principles of long-form scene work. We'll start with the basic principals of 'Yes, And' and develop your improvisational skills to include strong scenic initiations, space work, the concept of 'game' and many more tools for you to use in the full scenes you'll be creating at the end of term.

Plus! Spotlight members can redeem a 10% discount on their first Level One class with us. Details can be found on the booking page.


Weekly Level One class starting Wednesday 20th of March.

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Level Two – Basic Long-Form

Level Two takes the work from Level One and builds on those principles with challenging but rewarding work. We develop an arsenal of techniques for improvsiers to get out of their heads, introduce editing methods as well as using monologues for inspiration and background support work. By the end of the course, you'll be performing basic long-form work in small groups in class, it's awesome.

Placement Audition

If you have a lot of improv experience and would like to audition to go straight into Level Two, please email to request a place on a free placement audition. These are usually held once per term.

If you'd like to audition, contact us here

Weekly Level Two Class starting Sunday 17th of March-

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Weekly Level Two Class starting Thursday 21st of March -

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Level Three – The Harold

The Harold is the archetypal Chicago Style Long-Form. We teach this world renowed structure over eight weeks, building up by adding new elements week by week so that the students get a strong grip of its fundamental principles. We teach a classic Harold on the course as we've found it to be hugely rewarding for the students during class and in their work beyond. This term also features a graduation show at the end, so not only will you learn how to perform a Harold, you'll actually perform a Harold.

Level Three classes are on sale right now!

Weekly Level Three Class starting Saturday 16th of March -

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Weekly Level Three Class starting Tuesday 19th of March -

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Level Four – Advanced Long-Form

Level Four follows on from the work in Level Three by further working the Harold and looking at some popular variations of the form, then we take a lateral step to a selection of other structures; The Slacker and The Armando. We also look into the exciting technique of scene-painting and spend time working on instantly conjuring developed characters from thin air. As with the previous level, Level Four class has a graduation show at the end.

We're not offering a Level Four class this term, but we'll have a course ready to go next term - email us here if you'd like details.

Weekly Level Four Class starting Monday 14th January.

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We'll be offering an 8 week course in Narrative Long Form starting March 18th - Book it here!

Please note, this class assumes completion of our Level Four course in Advanced Longform.

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Small Print
For new students, the course fee must be paid in full before class begins.
Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.  However, if you drop out of the class before it starts and if we are able to fill your place, you will receive a full refund (minus an admin fee). If your place cannot be filled, we will be unable to refund your tuition.
If you are under 18 years of age, we require permission from a parent or guardian for you to take the course. Failure to do so could lead to removal from the class without a refund.
Monkey Toast reserves the right to change instructors when necessary.  Students will be notified as soon as possible if their instructor has been changed.
All of the above terms are subject to change without notice. Monkey Toast reserves the right to accept or deny any application.
Please note that Monkey Toast reserves the right to remove any person from class or performances that contravenes the safe and respectful environment that we've created within our improv community.