A night of full-tilt improv at The Bill Murray in Islington featuring London's best improvisers doing London's best improv. 

Hilarious Improv Comedy - With Risks


The Danger Room is a free night where we invite skilled performers to get on stage and do something that challenges or, ideally, terrifies them. 

From shows entirely in a language the performers haven't studied for twenty years to reverse narratives or brand new concepts - this is the R&D of London's improv scene.

The Danger Room is fear. 

The Danger Room is love. 

The Danger Room is.

It shouldn't work... BUT IT DOES!

Questing Time is London's best Dungeons & Dragons comedy night!

Join host & dungeon master, Paul Foxcroft as he guides four of the funniest comedians in the UK through an actual game of Dungeons & Dragons. There's not twist here. We literally play D&D. And it's hilarious.