Frequently Asked Questions

There’s an old saying:

“There are no stupid questions”.

But that ignores questions like:

  • ‘Do hats exist’?
  • Should I read the comments on YouTube’?
  • How does pigs’?

These are incredibly stupid questions (the answers to which are: ‘Yes’,No’, and ‘What?’.)

But you know what aren’t stupid questions?

These questions, right here. These are really smart questions. So smart, you might not even have asked them yet. But don’t worry, they’ve already been pre-responded to by us.

Let the learning begin!

When do you run classes and how long are they?

Great question. Classes are three hours long, once a week and our terms run for 8 weeks. Right now, our terms roughly run October-November, January – March, March – May and May – July.

Where can I learn about and sign up for the next term of classes?

That’s what’s happening now! Have a look here at our upcoming classes page or sign up for our mailing list here.

The class I wanted to take is full. How does this work now, buddy?

Sorry. Our classes can be pretty popular. If you’d like to be notified of any free places in upcoming Level One Classes, that’s exactly what the mailing list is for.

That said, if you want to join the waiting list for a specific class, fire an email over here.

Can I start in Level Two?

You’re bold, I like that. See, that question has two answers.

If you have no previous improv experience, the answer is “No”. Our classes build the skill from the ground up and while experience with acting or comedy is helpful, it’s no substitute for the fundamental skills we cover in Level One. 

If you do have previous relevant experience, then the answer is “Maybe”. One of our instructors will contact you to ask about your experience and may then invite you to audition. Don’t worry, we just want to see how your scenework is. Nothing stressful.

Note that we teach Chicago Style Long Form, so it’s possible that other training you’ve received may not qualify you for Level Two, simply because you’ve learned a different style.

Ugh, I auditioned, but I was having a bad day.

Well, that’s not really a question, but don’t worry, I get your point. You can always re-audition with us at a later date.

I auditioned and it went great, but I can’t take class this term. Do I need to audition again?

Nah. Unless it’s been a long time between the audition and the class, like over a year. Then, we’ll talk.

Oh no! I’m gonna miss a class! What do I do?

First, calm down. Second, keep reading. We usually run two classes of the same level in parallel, so there’s no need to panic; you’ll be able to catch up with the other class as they’ll be covering the same material each week. Simply contact your instructor and they’ll tell you when and where to go. If you’ve missed that class too, we’ll try to recap at the top of the next week’s class so you don’t miss out.

I’m missing a bunch of classes. Now what?

Okay. That sucks. We want our students to get the most out of their time with us, so we have a rule:

If you miss three weeks in total or two consecutive weeks of your term, we’ll ask you to repeat that term.

You won’t have had time to put everything into practice and moving you up will ultimately harm your progress. If you’re likely to miss more than one or two classes, we suggest that you hold off and take the course later in the year when you’ve more time. We’ll have plenty of options for you to join us later.

Any further questions? Get in touch!